Classic Tours Terms of Use

Welcome to Visit Incredible India Private Limited Classic Tour’s Terms of Use. These Classic Tours Terms of Use apply to Single City Tours and Multiple City Tours respectively, departing between January 1, 2019, and December 31, 2019, and all bookings for future years until updated. For all other Terms of Use, please refer to for specific Visit Incredible India Terms & Conditions.

Price Assurance:

Visit Incredible India may increase/ decrease program/ tour prices subjected to the availability of offers or discounts any time. Therefore, Visit Incredible India reserves all rights to modify/ change/ cancel tour/ itinerary prices for future bookings without any prior notice. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to recheck/ reconfirm tour prices prior to continue any booking.

Tour/ Itinerary Inclusions:

All things that are noted in the selected tour/ itinerary, including

For Single City Tours: private vehicle transfers to/ from hotel/ monument/ city as mentioned in the tour/ itinerary; sightseeing (including city, monument, etc); meal (lunch/ refreshment/ snacks) only wherever mentioned in the tour/ itinerary; state permits fees, toll taxes, parking, driver allowance, monument entry fee and other things that are mentioned in the selected package/ tour/ itinerary.

For Multiple City Tours: air transfer (wherever mentioned in the tour/ itinerary); private vehicle transfers to/from airport/ city/ hotel/ monument); sightseeing (including city, monument, etc); accommodations, meals (breakfast/ dinner and lunch only wherever mentioned in the tour/ itinerary; hotel taxes; state permits fees, toll taxes, parking, driver allowance, monument entry fee and other things that are mentioned in the selected package/ tour/ itinerary.

Tour/ Itinerary Exclusion:

Guest Protection Program including travel insurance; international airfares; domestic airfare except for which is noted in the tour/ itinerary; Passport & Visa charges; domestic airport departure taxes unless otherwise noted; excess baggage charges; gratuities to the Tour Operator/ Guide/ driver; meals/ snacks/ beverages other than those specified in the tour/ itinerary; sightseeing, monuments entrance fee, boat riding fee, and any other charges that are not included in the tour/ itinerary; extended program/ tour/ itinerary; special requests; and all personal expenses including laundry, communication charges, photography charges; and all other optional activities/ events (which are subject to the availability only).

Hotel Check-in:

As per Indian Standard rules, hotel check-in takes place from 14:00 on the day of arrival and check-out at 12:00 (noon) on the day of departure. Certain hotels also provide early check-in and late check-out facilities; only subjected to the availability & additional charges. So, upon arrival, if guest(s) wish to have guaranteed room available for immediate check-in, then inform us separately by writing at at the time of booking.

Room Upgrades/ Any Special Request:

Upgrades subjected to Rooms/ Special Requests are only applicable if made at the time of the booking & subjected to the availability. Please note that while every single effort will be made to accommodate your Special Request, instead of this, Visit Incredible India cannot guarantee that it will be served. It totally depends upon the availability.

Itineraries/ Tours:

Visit Incredible India reserves all rights to modify/ change/ edit program itineraries; including arranged sightseeing, and can also substitute vehicle (for single city tour and multiple city tour) and accommodation (for multiple city tours only); due to some unforeseen circumstances or something beyond Visit Incredible India’s control.

Air Transportation:

International airfare isn’t included in any Classic Tours/ Itinerary. Only some itineraries in Multiple City Tours require domestic flights; applicable wherever mentioned in the tour/ itinerary. This airfare is included in the package and must not be purchased from any other except Visit Incredible India. All domestic airfares are based on economy class seating, and can be upgraded only subjected to the seat availability as on the date of departure & additional charges; only if informed separately at the time of the booking. All domestic air quotes are subject to change until Visit Incredible India receives final payment. Air reservations can’t be confirmed/ continued until passport copy of each traveler is received by Visit Incredible India.


Visit Incredible India allows only two bags per vehicle restricted to the size/weight per bag; depending upon the selection of car category/ model. (Refer Visit Incredible India Car Rental Terms & Conditions for specifics). The owner is solely responsible for his/her baggage and personal effects throughout the tour, and Visit Incredible India assumes no liability for any kind of loss/ damage regarding the same.

Note: In any case, if baggage(s) carried by the guest exceeds the prescribed limits, then it is the sole responsibility of the guest to inform Visit Incredible India at least 15 days prior the date of departure or at the time of the booking so that we can make extra arrangement for you; subjected to the availability and additional charges.

Price & Arrangements:

All quoted itinerary prices under Classic Tours- Multiple City Tours and Single City Tours are on per person basis, double occupancy is only where indicated. Although not expected, prices published on the website may be modified/ changed; subjected to the occurrence of any unexpected significant external factors which aren’t forecasted at the time of printing/ booking.

Note: Visit Incredible India is under no obligation to give any breakdown in costs of any Tour/ Itinerary.

Child Policy:

Two children below 5 years of age can stay with their parent’s with no extra charges wherever accommodation is provided in the selected tour/ itinerary (only applicable in Multiple City Tours). However, only one child’s bed is allowed to be placed in their parent’s room; additional bed charges applicable. Although, maximum 1 extra bed is allowed in the room, or take separate room for 12 years & above child at full room cost.


  1. A child above 5 years of age is considered as an individual to occupy the single seat; applicable for both Multiple City Tours and Single City Tours. Therefore, it is the sole responsibility of the guest to prior consult with Visit Incredible India about the same.
  2. For all tours/ itineraries that includes domestic air tickets, if a child’s age is below 2 years, the price of his/her air tickets will be according to the infant prices, depending upon the airlines.

Active Elements & Conducts:

Some active elements have been added to the selected tours. To enjoy the tour as planned, a minimum level of fitness is required. Visit Incredible India advice guests to update at the time of the booking, if any participant has any physical/ other condition/ disability that could make a danger to him/ herself. Visit Incredible India also reserves the rights to decline acknowledgment of anybody whom it considers unacceptable because of the fitness level.


Travel insurance is exclusive of Classic Tours price package- Multiple City Tours & Single City Tours. Therefore, guests are recommended to choose a comprehensive travel insurance plan on their own that covers overseas medical expenses, cancellation, loss, theft, damaged luggage, and other expenses. Visit Incredible India has no liability for covering the cost associated with all these covers.

Passports & Visas:

It’s the sole responsibility of the guest(s)/ user(s) to present and show valid travel documents wherever necessary. For this, all guests are advised to consult with the respective government authority on their own to know about the necessary travel documents. In any case, if guests fail to give proper documentation wherever required, then guests will be solely subjected to the fine or any other cost that results from improper documentation or noncompliance with applicable regulations. Visit Incredible India has no liability in any such case.

Note: All guests are required to submit a copy of valid passport at the time of booking in order to verify the given passport number. Failure to provide Visit Incredible India with this information may result in the cancellation of booking and forfeiture of any monies paid.

Booking And Payment Schedule:

At the time of the booking, users are required to pay full payment to continue/ confirm the booking. Also, guests have to clear all dues prior the travel (date of the departure) to avoid any misunderstanding/ failure of travel/ cancellation of tour/ itinerary.

If the booking is made within 90 days of departure, guests are required to pay full-payment in order to secure the booking.

Note:Each tour/ itinerary booking reserves some tour booking charges. This amount is non-refundable and exclusive of the amount that is refund back to the guest upon successful cancellation of the tour/ itinerary; applicable for both Single City Tours and Multiple City Tours.

Cancellation Charges:

All cancellation requests will only be addressed if received in writing. Email your requests at or you can also call us directly at (+91) 989 1111 986. Cancellation Charges are subject to the following;

Cancellation Charges Applicable for Multiple City Tours

Cases Deduction in Percentage applicable on final billing amount
91 days prior to departure or more 5%
90-61 days prior to departure 25%
60-31 days prior to departure 50%
30-21 days prior to departure 75%
20 days prior to departure or less 100%


  1. All refunds will be exclusive of Multiple Tour Booking Charges.
  2. Additional terms and fees will be applicable for the Cancellation of Extra Services & Partial Room Cancellation.

Cancellation Charges Applicable for Single City Tours

Cases Deduction in Percentage applicable on final billing amount
7 days prior to departure or more 0%
6 days or less prior to departure 100%


  1. All refunds will be exclusive of Single Tour Booking Charges (that may vary up to USD 5 to 10).
  2. Additional terms and fees will be applicable for the Cancellation of Extra Services & Special Requests.

Partial Room Cancellation:

In any case, if a guest cancels/ leaves the tour and a roommate remains, in such case, an additional supplement may apply to the overall price of the remaining guest. Given package price is valid only if the mentioned number of guests travel together. If there’s any increase or decrease in the number of guests, the price will vary accordingly.

Cancellation Charges for Domestic Air Tickets:

In any case, if a guest cancels domestic air tickets wherever applicable in the tour/ itinerary, then guests are attempting to cancel the respective itinerary tour/ itinerary. In such case, guests have to pay air ticket cancellation charges applicable as per the guidelines of the respective airlines. Besides these charges, guests will also have to pay additional tour/ itinerary cancellation charges; as applicable.

Note:In case, guests only wish to cancel their air tickets wherever applicable in the tour/ itinerary instead of the tour/ itinerary, then Visit Incredible India can provide guest’s private vehicle(s); only if informed at the time of the cancellation; subjected to the additional car charges, depending upon the selection of car model/ category. Refer Visit Incredible India Car Rental Terms & Conditions for specifics.

Cancellation Charges for Extra Services / Special Requests:

All Extra Services/ Special Requests booked in connection with Visit Incredible India are subjected to specific cancellation penalties and also cover the host’s cancellation policies. All such details will be provided at the time of the booking and cancellation charges will be applicable as per the respective.

Claims & Refunds:

Refunds aren’t made for any missed service(s), except for all such circumstances that verify extenuating situations. Please refer our Limits on Responsibility clause given below for the specifics. For all verifiable circumstances/ situations to be considered, guests are required to submit their Refund Claims Requests in writing at at least 21 days prior to the termination of the multiple city tours/ itinerary and at least 7 days prior to the date of single city tour/ itinerary departure. It’s necessary to present valid supporting documents wherever required to verify the claim. Otherwise, in the absence of the supporting documents, claims requests will not be considered at any cost. If a claim is accepted, then adjustments will be based only on the actual price of the program involved; not on a per diem basis.

Note: No adjustment will be made for unused meals/ sightseeing from guest’s end. Visit Incredible India will not accept any liability for any such claim that isn’t received within 20 days of the termination of the multiple city tour/ itinerary and within 6 days prior to the date of travel for single city tour/ itinerary. Any refund claim requests made within the above mentioned limit will not be entertained as these requests clears the criteria of non-refundable clause.

Photography During The Travel Program:

Visit Incredible India reserves all rights to take/ use guest’s photographs/ videos during the operation of any tour/ itinerary or part therefore for promotional purposes during the tour/ itinerary and thereafter. By booking a tour/ itinerary with Visit Incredible India, guests agree to allow Visit Incredible India to use their images to be used in such photographs/ videos.

Note: All those guests who wish that their images not to be used for promotional purposes are asked to identify themselves to their tour operator at the beginning of their tour/ itinerary. Otherwise, it’s assumed that guests are allowing Visit Incredible India to use their images for promotional purposes.

Limits on Responsibility:

Visit Incredible India, its directors, founders, successors, shareholders, officers, employees, agents and assigns, doesn’t own or operate any such property which is to or does offer goods/services for the scheduled tour/ itinerary. It purchases transportation (air tickets wherever mentioned in the tour/ itinerary, private vehicles or otherwise), hotel accommodations, ground handling, and other services from various independent suppliers/ vendors/ persons. All such suppliers/ vendors/ persons and entities are independent contractors. As a result of which, Visit Incredible India isn’t liable for any negligent or willful act of any such supplier/ vendor/ person or entity or any other associated third-party person. In addition and without limitation, Visit Incredible India isn’t responsible for any inconvenience or loss subjected to financial or physical concerns including injury, death, delay or damage to the personal property/ effects in connection with the provision of any good/ services whether resulting from but not limited to the acts of God or force majeure, act of wars or treason or civil unrest, terrorist or criminal activities of any kind, strikes or other labor activities, overbooking or downgrading of services, illness, food poisoning, mechanical or any other failure of transportation to arrive or depart on time.

In any case, if guests decide to participate in any event/ activity including, but not limited to, any excursion/ sightseeing that involve animals, riding on animals, boating, rafting, and any other event/ activity which Visit Incredible India considers to carry some risks of illness or injury (“Activity/ Event”), then it’s responsibility of the guest to completely take care of their own health and safety and agree to assume that all mentioned risks of illness or injury may occur as the result of their participation and agree to release Visit Incredible India and its affiliates, representatives, agents, and employees from any liability related to any such incident.

Further, as consideration for being permitted to participate in any activity/ event; guests release Visit Incredible India, whether it’s known or unknown, from and agree not to quote sue/ claim against Visit Incredible India, damage of property/ personal effects, cancellation of any activity/ event/ tour/ itinerary for any other reason, personal injury or illness, or death results from the avoidance of Visit Incredible India (but not its careless, deliberate, or foul conduct), and/ or from any defect in equipment.

Guests further agrees to indemnify and hold Visit Incredible India harmless with respect to any claim filed against Visit Incredible India by anyone else which (a) related to the participation in any such activity/ event, or (b) which would be in relation to the above release and agreement not to sue, if guests had made the claim directly by themselves.

Travel Advisories:

It’s the sole responsibility of the user to be aware of current travel advisories by referring to the official site of the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India’s website

Use of Map:

The map/ statistics/ images presented on Visit Incredible India, are only for demonstrative purposes and for user’s convenience to provide information. Visit Incredible India has made all attempts and efforts to present/ use current and most accurate data on the site, “”. But, in any case, if there’s any information that comes under the variableness circumstances, then Visit Incredible India, along the team has no liability for any claim in against of the completeness, usefulness, or any other cases related to it.

Arbitration Agreement:

Any doubt or controversy or dispute or claim that is arising out of or related to these Terms of Use, to the Limits on Responsibility clause, to any advertisement made by Visit Incredible India via online/offline mode, to any other information in respect to any Visit Incredible India tour/ itinerary, services or packages, or to any other Visit Incredible India-related program/tour/itinerary/activity/event, shall be submitted exclusively to and resolved in binding arbitration with the law of India and court in Delhi, India shall alone have jurisdiction. Any party or their authorized representatives may appear for the arbitration by the telephone or video conference mode that seems suitable for them. Each party is solely responsible for bearing their own or their authorized representative expenses/ fees/ costs and an equal share of any administrative and arbitrator fee.

Any payment made to Visit Incredible India constitutes that you/ guest(s)/ user(s) accept these Classic Tours Terms of Use. Kindly refers these Terms of Use carefully before proceeding further.

Visit Incredible India accepts all major credit cards.


Visit Incredible India reserve all rights to correct/ edit/ modify/ delete its published materials via online/ offline mode and to amend these Classic Tours Terms of Use at any time in the future subject to any material changes to legislation or regulation. All amended Classic Tours Terms of Use shall automatically be effective at the time when it is posted by Visit Incredible India to the website “”. Accordingly, it’s the sole responsibility of the guest to check the website, “” on their own, before booking/ travel to make sure that you are aware of any change that’s made.

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