Kati Roll

It’s said that Kati Rolls were trundled out from the kitchens of Kolkata’s famous Nizam Restaurant in 1930, and since then it become one among Kolkata’s specialties. Well, this portable feast is quite popular among those who look for quick fixes to calm down their evening cravings. Eaten fresh off the griddle, especially when the bread is super hot and the sauces and meat juices are still mingling. Moreover, vegetarians are served with Kati rolls filled with spiced and crispy vegetables.

Chole Bhature

In almost every second lane in the northern India, you’ll see a series of stallholders serving their customers a plate of Chole Bhature which is popular street food in India. If you ever got a chance to taste it then first breathe the sizzling aroma of spicy chickpea curry which offers mouth watering odors of mingling tamarind, coriander, chilli and garlic in wholesome. Once this mingling flavor awakes your taste buds, deflate the bhatura to taste its fluffiness with spicy curry.  


Bhelpuri is an Indian savory snack that can easily put anybody’s taste buds through their pace. It a combination of crunchy rice puffs mingled with crispy sev, mouth-tingling tang of crushed tamarind, hotness of red chilli followed by sluggish sweetness.  Basically, it’s a stable snack of Maharashtra. Origin of this crispy snack traced when Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Maratha’s great leader demands something that could be easily prepared and consumed during the combat times.


Jalebi is a kind of sweet that’s quite popular in India. This saffron colored sweet is an arousing interplay of sweetness that can easily tantalize an individual’s taste buds even after hours of eating it. There are many stories behind the origin of this sweet. Well, records says that this sweet first enter the Indian subcontinent with Mughals around 500 year ago. Local variations with Jalebi are one among the foremost reasons why it becomes popular among colourful medley of Indian sweets.


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